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A. Company

Based in Baltimore, MD RSG Acquisitions, LLC is a privately-owned real estate investment firm that specializes in the acquisition, financing, disposition and management of multi-family properties in the Mid-Atlantic.

RSG Acquisitions, LLC acquires underutilized and undervalued investment properties with the model of bringing them to their full earning potential.

Our extensive real estate investment experience, coupled with our ability to identify true Value-add opportunities, has ensured outstanding returns for our financial partners.


B. Who We Are

Rafael is one of the principals and a founding partner of RSG Acquisitions. Rafael is a long time seasoned real estate investor with a notable track record in both the investor as well as brokerage capacity.

After graduating from the University of Tel-Aviv with a MBA, he began his real estate investment career as a debt and equity broker with a national firm, specializing in multifamily finance.

Quickly gaining a feel for the local market, Rafael immediately started laying the foundation for what would ultimately become RSG Acquisitions. With a strong network of investors and brokers from his previous line of work, Rafael partnered with a family office in Canada and started purchasing and managing multifamily properties. He quickly built up a portfolio of over a thousand units between Maryland and Virginia and has a knack for finding the potential and value in both mismanaged and underachieving assets.

Over the past 3 years RSG Acquisitions, LLC together with its affiliates has been the sponsor for over $200,000,000 of multifamily real estate, for a total of over 1,500 units. Additionally, Rafael has directly overseen and advised on the acquisition, disposition and financing of over $1.2 Billion Dollars of real estate representing over 30,000 units in 20 States. With a sterling reputation Rafael and his partners have purchased communities from some of the most reputable and noted firms in the market.

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